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New (Old) Cake Caddy

img_7817$1.99 at the thrift shop. Never needed one before, but now I think “How Brilliant!” And it is brilliant, all shiny and bright. That took some doing on my part. But thrift shop shoppers can’t be choosers.

I can see myself carrying cakes all over town in this beauty. I’ll be the woman who brings her signature beautiful, delicious cakes to everyone’s houses…. OK, waking up now.

(p.s. sometimes I feel very old fashioned baking cakes and putting them in my cake carrier ….. but I think old fashioned girls iron tablecloths)


A Very Handy Baking Gadget


What’s the opposite of idiot savant? That’s me with the digital timer on my stove. Other people probably have no problem setting their stove timer, but my track record with this thing is Not Good. The timer’s minutes race by, then turn into 10-minute increments, then I think I’m supposed to touch another button – but that might be the clock, not the timer…. It’s an invitation to burnt baked goods.

Timer ineptitude doesn’t matter terribly much when roasting vegetables or cooking a turkey once a year. But minutes do matter, it seems, when baking. I saw this idiot-proof timer at the hardware store for $1.99. (Perhaps idiot is the opposite of idiot savant, sigh, I was hoping for something more … French.)

It’s easy to set. Turn the knob, you’re done. (Actually, you have to turn it to 30 and then back to the minutes you need, but even I can handle that.) My only complaint is that the alarm, while pleasant and jingly, is fairly short – so if I’m not in the kitchen when it goes off, I miss it.  I’ve been stuffing it in my pocket. What I really need is an idiot-proof timer I can wear around my neck. Anyone seen one of those?

You know – this could change my life. I could give myself time to do all kinds of things with a timer around my neck. I could turn into one of those FlyLady people who spend 15 minutes at a time cleaning. But the pendant timer has to have a dial. I’m hopeless with digital clocks. (My bedside alarm goes off daily at 6 am, even on weekends; I don’t dare futz with it.)

Sparkle Cookie Gel!

Christmas Cookie Season is almost upon us. I may bake a Christmas cookie or 12 this year – another first for me. I have for years torn out pictures of tastefully decorated cookies or, better yet, cookies that didn’t need decorating because the cookies are just so beautiful and require no adornment.

But. How could I resist these tubes of Sparkle Gel when I was perusing the aisles at JoAnn’s tonight? (Can I just add they have cake decorating kits that look like tackle boxes and are full of tips and bags and tools and things I’m SURE I’ll need some day when I know how to bake cakes. I think I exercised incredible self restraint not buying a toolkit full of cake decorating tools.)

These sparkling red and green gel frosting tubes do not have Martha Stewart’s name all over them. But they do have my daughter’s name all over them. Some day we’ll discuss girls and their love of everything that glitters. And once I find some black and pink cookie glitter, we’ll really be set. Speaking of pink – are you wondering what’s with the Vegas backdrop? That is destined to be my new tree skirt. Just for fun, this Christmas we’re going to have a pink and white tree. I even found some pink reindeer to park in front.

So, sugar cookies – here we come! You may be burnt around the edges, but you’ll be sparkling like a kid with a new bottle of Mary-Kate and Ashley body glitter.

Shopping for Baking Supplies

I had to go shopping before I could bake those delicious Brownies yesterday. And not just for the unsweetened chocolate. I needed a few supplies. And I will need a few more before this baking project is done.

While I would love to go hit the baking supply aisle at Williams-Sonoma or one of the fancy little cooking shops  (but not the one with the completely condescending workers – you know who you are) my immediate need and limited budget took me to the supermarket, where I got a new set of stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons.

I’ve had both these sets before, of course. But somewhere along the way, the 1-cup measuring cup became a dog food scoop. And the half-teaspoon became a fish medicine doser, while the tablespoon is in with the fish-based fertilizer.I think we’d all agree, it was time for new.

No one will mistake these for All-Clad. But they’re shiny, they’re new. They cost about $1.99. And they’ve never had dog food, fish medicine or fish fertilizer in them!

(P.S. I also bought those pretty pink M&Ms. Even when baking tremendously rich Brownies, a baker needs her chocolate.)