Home Baked Bread – a Present for Me!

I’ve fallen into a nice weekend bread-baking routine – and the more I do it, the less intimidating it gets.

(It’s also becoming less shocking when I end up with bread – in other words, I no longer fall on my kitchen floor after opening the oven and seeing bread)

img_6936Sometimes I make a pre-ferment on Saturday, so I’m set to bake a chewy, kind of artisanal loaf on Sunday. Last weekend I made a huge round loaf of country bread, with unbleached white, wheat and rye flours. You can see a slice off one of the ends toasted and buttered.

img_6953Yesterday, I picked a bread project that can be done over the course of one day (one afternoon, really, with most of the effort being performed by yeast while I do something else) — the sandwich bread from The Breadbaker’s Apprentice. I went with the buttermilk variation and ended up with two nice loaves. They’re not as dark as the photo would lead you to believe; I took them out of the oven at 10 at night and photographed them cooling. By the time I figured out I should get a better picture … well, let’s just say one of the loaves has been seriously compromised and I am full!

This morning I got up (I thought I was getting up on time until the “Spring Ahead” realization hit me and I was an hour late…) and had fresh bread waiting to greet me. Home Baked  Bread is such a nice present to yourself, not to mention anyone else in the house. My weekend bread-baking routine is definitely a habit worth keeping!


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