Epicurious’ 10 Money-Saving Ingredients

img_6950I have not calculated the actual cost of some of my baked goods. I’ll do that soon and see if I’m saving myself some, um, dough.

Meanwhile, Epicurious has posted a good list of 10 Money-Saving Ingredients — information most of us can use in these stretched-budget days.

Most of them were already staples in my pantry – although I have not bought canned tuna in ages and we don’t eat beef, so Flank Steak is out for us. We live on beans, rice, and sweet potatoes. The best part of the list is the recipes accompanying the ingredients. Just in case, like me, you’ve fallen into a rut with your pantry staples. The Wild Rice and Brown Rice Cakes With Roasted Vegetable Ragu will be coming out of my kitchen very soon. It’s right up our alley.

What does this have to do with baking? I learned something new about #8 on the Epicurious list, eggs. According to Epicurious, I can freeze beaten eggs and then use three tablespoons of the liquid for each egg called for in a recipe. Something to keep in mind if I see them on sale. (And yes, in order for this to really work I must remember to actually add the eggs – lest I end up with another collapsing chocolate cake.)

FYI, Epicurious also has a post on 35 ways to stretch your food dollars with grocery-shopping tips and other advice.

As they say, penny saved, penny earned — actually, these days that would depend on where you saved it!


2 responses to “Epicurious’ 10 Money-Saving Ingredients

  1. I want to try those rice cakes. The reviews were kinda mixed on the ragu…maybe just some really good roasted veggies. Like Crescent Dragonwagon’s Roasty Toasty Potatoes, Carrots and Onions. Yum.

  2. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    Amy –
    I had not even looked at the reviews yet, but I always do before investing my time into a recipe. Epicurious is great for that. Like you, I was turned on by the cakes – typically I use whatever veggies are around to accompany things. Thankfully I can just ad lib when cooking, if not baking…

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