Kitchen Prayer

img_6943I started Learning to Bake after finding my mom’s old Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book, which has its own family history.

I’ve spent some time the past few days rummaging through a heap of unsorted photos, greeting cards and other ephemera that my late mother probably boxed up around 1967. Tucked in with many photographs of young women I assume went to college with mom (including one inscribed “Always Remember the Biltmore” — ooh!), post cards from every burg she apparently ever drove through, decades-old golf score cards and some truly wonderful family photos was a purple ink (remember the color of 1960s copies?) and pencil-edited “Prayer For Your Kitchen.” Curious, I Googled it and found the same prayer mentioned a few places, with author unknown.

It was a fun discovery. I’ve always seen prayers as more of a thankful time than an asking time. And if I was doing some asking, it was only for high-priority peace and happiness type stuff. It’s a quiet way to set my personal priorities. But this fit in perfectly with this prayer’s last stanza, (from which I removed the word God – my edit improved the beat and was in line with my agnosticism).:

So, bless my little kitchen,

And those who enter in

May they find naught but love and peace

And happiness. Amen.


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