Gingerbread v2

img_6949We love Gingerbread, so a new recipe — this one featuring sauteed fresh ginger, bittersweet chocolate and ground pepper — was enough to send me running to the oven.

This delish Chocolate Gingerbread recipe was in Better Homes and Gardens and also features simmered oranges, which sounds great. I left that part out this time (no oranges). Like the recipe-writer, I baked mine in a 12-inch cast iron skillet after I used the skillet to saute the slivered ginger. One key difference: My skillet has two spouts. The skillet pictured with the recipe has none. This created a minor problem. I smelled burning when the Gingerbread should not have been anywhere near done, much less burnt. That’s when I discovered Gingerbread batter dripping out of both spouts onto my oven floor. I scraped up the mess that I could and put an old cookie pan on the lower rack. I’ll definitely be doing a little more oven cleaning.

However, this particular Gingerbread was worth cleaning the oven for. (And if you knew me, you’d know that must mean it is very, very good.) It’s not just the freshly ground black pepper; it’s not just the ginger sauteed in butter; it’s not just the bittersweet chocolate. It’s all of them mixing together to make this Gingerbread something to, well, blog about.

(Incidentally, my guess is the recipe writer’s Gingerbread looked better than mine – in the magazine it’s covered with oranges. But taste over beauty when we are going to dig into it very soon. Have I mentioned that Gingerbread is one of my favorite breakfasts?)

From now on, I think I’ll add a few twists of black pepper to all my Gingerbread. Oh, my.


4 responses to “Gingerbread v2

  1. It’s never once in my life occurred to me to have gingerbread for breakfast or to mix it with chocolate for that matter. Given that I could easily eat a pound of crystallized ginger in one sitting, I think this proves that there is something seriously wrong with me. (well one of those things alone would probably prove that). Guess what we’re having for breakfast this weekend? Thanks.

  2. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    Oh, Gingerbread is a great breakfast! People eat muffins and (coffee)cake, right? We also really, really, really like pie for breakfast – blueberry/apple or raspberry/peach pie for breakfast. Yum.
    Oh, and adding chocolate to Gingerbread never occurred to me, either. It definitely added something – but the pepper was awesome. My 12-year-old, who won’t eat anything with visible pepper on it, ate it eagerly.

  3. Pepper is terrific with chocolate, and so is salt. I have seen receipts for several kinds of cookies that include one or the other.

  4. Gingerbread for breakfast is the single greatest idea I’ve read ever.

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