Chocolate Cake Collapse

img_6941No, I wasn’t trying to bake a chocolate shell — that brown bowl-shaped thing in the above photo was supposed to be a chocolate cake.

This is what happens to a cake when you forget to add the eggs! I was so organized heading into this cake, which thankfully was not promised anywhere or needed for anything in particular. Armed with a very clear recipe from Baking Illustrated, I put all the ingredients I would need on the kitchen table – including two eggs, which I’d let sit until they were room temperature. I even set them in a little bowl so they wouldn’t roll off the table while two standard poodles stormed through the room. The cake was already in the oven when I noticed the eggs, still sitting in their little bowl on the kitchen table. I bet the people in America’s Test Kitchen never did this! Sigh.

I let the cake (cakes, actually; the plan was for this to be a two-layer cake) bake sans eggs. And maybe … just maybe … I learned my lesson: FOLLOW THE RECIPE.

This is not my first baking disaster, and nearly all of them resulted from me missing something or not following directions. (Think using the wrong amount of flour in my Chocolate Chip Cookies v1, or baking a coffeecake in the wrong pan and then trying to remove it hot.) Live and learn? Bake and learn? As I said, maybe!

As for the, um, “cake” pictured above? It’s in the freezer. I’m thinking it might be good as a chocolate bowl/shell with ice cream in it. (Whipped cream can hide all kinds of things.) It tastes good (we sampled the other layer, which fell apart) – it’s full of cocoa, butter, flour, sugar – and egg free!


3 responses to “Chocolate Cake Collapse

  1. That’s how brownies were invented right? They were a fallen cake? Not a disaster–innovation! YUM!

  2. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    Thanks for looking on the bright side with me! I was thinking brownies when I looked at it, but I could have sworn brownies have eggs in them. Maybe not?

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