Earl Grey Tea Cookies

img_6933Do you like Earl Grey Tea? Me too, so when I saw this recipe for Earl Grey Tea Cookies over on Apartment Therapy’s thekitchn.com blog, I had to give it a try.

They’re easy as pie. (Actually, they are a lot easier than pie. Where on Earth did that saying come from?) And the recipe for 2 dozen cookies uses one tablespoon of Earl Gray Tea. The blogger recommended using tea bag leaves and not the larger loose leaves. Worked for me — I had a cannister of Earl Gray bags, and two of them equaled one tablespoon. I whirred the tea leaves in my food processor with the flour and other dry ingredients. The whole recipe happens in the food processor.

These cookies were great — there was a little citrus taste from the Earl Gray. And they were pretty. Definitely company’s coming for tea cookies.


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