You Know You’re a Baker When…

img_67891You Know You’re a Baker When….

– Vacations that include a stop at the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Store in Vermont start to sound appealing

– You have at least four varieties of flour in your pantry. (Also, you have buttermilk in the fridge.)

– You know new definitions for “Degas” and “proof”

– You are no longer scared of yeast

– You stop dodging that Bake Sale Lady

– You are making room in your cabinets so that your growing collection of cookie sheets, muffin tins, cake pans,  bread pans, etc. can be easily reached.

– You stop buying packaged cookies

My Mascot

– You often have white hand-prints on your pants.

– You buy butter by the pound instead of the stick.

-Your kitchen always frequently smells good.

I’ll be adding to this list as I notice changes in my thinking, my shopping, my kitchen layout…. Have any suggestions?


11 responses to “You Know You’re a Baker When…

  1. You bake your own birthday cake (people think I’m weird for this). But it’s fun to bake and aren’t birthdays all about fun?

  2. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    Good one, Bezzie!
    I did not bake myself a birthday cake, but I’m still learning… Next year, for sure!

  3. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    PS Bezzie – I love your site and am going to make a spider baby hat one of these days. I just knit a spider cat toy, but not having the hat part it was easier (and smaller). Lots of I-Cords.

  4. You know baking has become an illness when:
    You didn’t know there was a King Flour Baking Store and would like to pack up the family for the 6 hr drive. You don’t … but really want to.

    You own cookie cutter for the religious holidays of others.

    You choose to grow and grind your own corn wheat, and oats.

    You buy yeast by the pound.

    You plan your garden, according to your baking whims

    You encourage the PTA that they ought to have a bake sale at every single event they do. Does that make you the bake sale lady?

    Is there, perhaps a vaccination for this?

  5. I’m sorry … just one more…
    You encourage your kid to be a baker for Halloween, because you already have the stuff.

  6. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    Nancy –
    Boy, you *are a baker! And yes, you probably are the bake sale lady. Unless you leave the non-bakers in your midst alone. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a non-baking parent like being asked to contribute to a bake sale. In the OLD days, I usually disguised bakery-baked goods for bake sales. Then I’d buy them back at a fraction of the price I had already paid for them.

  7. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    I was giggling to myself this morning just thinking of my daughter’s reaction if I suggested she be a baker for Halloween. She is 12 and that would be So Not Cool. If she was 3, I would do it in a heartbeat, and it would be awesome.

  8. I’ve decided I’m not the bake sale lady because I don’t head the committee. I would never ask anyone else to bake for it.
    I HATE being asked to do things outside my comfort zone. Sales, for example. You know, sell this junk to all your friends and neighbors at grossly inflated and the school makes a teeny tiny profit.
    Someone says “fund raiser” and I head for the hills.
    hm… 12, huh. Let’s see, any costume that allows her to wear make up, if I remember correctly.

  9. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    Yes, makeup. And fishnet.
    No, you are not the bake sale lady that the non-bakers have to duck.
    And finally – do NOT load your family in the car and drive six hours – I was on the St. Arthurs’s Flour site this morning and discovered that they not only have a Baking Store, they have a Baking Education Center. There are classes that run anywhere from an afternoon to a week. Last week, they had all sorts of cool kids classes for school vacation – including a cake decorating class for 6, 7 and 8th graders.

  10. Oh, so what your really saying is I need a tent and the dutch oven and….

    This is summer time school vacation. Right?

    CIA (Culinary Institute of America) I believe has a children’s day camp. At least, they used to. So if we lived in the Hudson Valley….

  11. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    No, I mean the vacation that just ended (here in Maine, anyway).

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