Italian Bread!


Fresh off my failed coffeecake of yesterday, I got back on the baking horse this morning. The result – a really nice loaf of Italian Bread.

The bread didn’t take as long as usual because I had some frozen Biga pre-ferment. I used a recipe from Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Of course, I made a mistake in the dough-making part — too much water. But I crossed my floury fingers and added a little bit of flour while kneading. I was afraid my newbie accomodation would wreck the bread. But it tastes good, the inside is a little chewy, and the crust is little crunchy.

I was afraid to add too much flour, and then I feared the dough might spread far and wide on my baking stone. So I tucked the dough within the confines of a long, open-ended Italian Bread pan.

OK, it’s not the pan called for in the recipe. And using the right pan was one of the lessons learned while baking that collapsing coffeecake. But this was more a better-safe-than-sorry switch.


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