Coffeecake Collapse

If I can learn from my baking mistakes, this sour cream coffeecake taught me two lessons:

1) Use the pan the recipe calls for. (Lacking a tube pan, I substituted a Bundt pan. Didn’t work.)

2) Follow the directions when it comes to cooling baked goods. (We were hungry, the kitchen smelled good, the coffeecake was our overdue breakfast, the dog ate my cookbook, etc. I inverted the Bundt pan almost as soon as it came out of the oven. Really, really bad move.)

The sour cream coffee cake fell apart when I (improperly) removed it from its (improper) pan while it was still warm hot.

The cake tasted great (Why wouldn’t it, with tons of butter, pecans, cinnamon and sour cream oozing from its improperly fluted sides?) – and we ate it with spoons out of bowls. Except for Bertie Wooster the Standard Poodle, who nabbed a slice and ate it off the floor
right in front of me. So at least it wasn’t like my yucky Date Nut Bread, which even the dog would not eat.

One more lesson learned – when baking a yummy breakfast treat, it’s best to do it the night before. While it’s great to smell breakfast baking early in the morning, it’s even nicer to wake up to something already baked. I am baking my next coffeecake  after dinner.

OK, lessons learned – onward!


3 responses to “Coffeecake Collapse

  1. I made a coffee cake last week but doubled the recipe. It took soo much longer to cook than I expected. Maybe 15-20 minutes longer than the original recipe. Yours looks tasty anyway.

  2. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    Hi Gennyfer,
    I was just reading about cupcakes last night (if you told me a year ago I’d be reading about cupcakes…) learned they typically bake for 40 percent of the time a 9-inch cake from the same recipe would bake. So I guess it makes sense that your doubled recipe would take longer.
    Did you use a tube pan? Did you cool it in the pan before dumping (um, spilling) it out?
    It did taste good. Really good. Fortunately I wasn’t serving it to company. The girl and I were quite happy to eat a yummy mess! It would have been really good over ice cream…

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