Buttermilk Biscuits

My daughter arrived home bright and early this morning expecting breakfast. Because I’m a superorganized grocery shopper, and had been to the supermarket just yesterday, we had no bread and no apples for our oatmeal (which we always eat with pecans and apples).

But I put my new baking skills to work and made Buttermilk Biscuits. Eight of them. Why no photo? They’re gone – they were that good. I slathered butter on mine. She slathered strawberry jam on hers. Next thing we knew, the biscuits were history.

I turned to my family heirloom (hee) Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook for the recipe. This would be the cookbook my Aunt Trudy won in 1952 for her Chiffon cake at the Great Barrington, Mass., Fair. That cookbook helped kick off Learning to Bake.

I adapted the 1950s recipe just a bit – I used my food processor. In the interest of time (think hungry kid watching) I made drop biscuits.

These were my first non-Bisquick biscuits. I’d say they were a little bit more work (really, Bisquick is so easy!) but tasted a lot better.


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