Twilight Birthday Cake

Plans are in high gear for a 12th birthday slumber party, and I’ve been thinking about Birthday Cake. I think a beautiful chocolate cake will/would do, but for some reason I Googled “Twilight Birthday Cake” since the girl and her friends are obsessed with Bella, Edward and all things Twilight.

Boy, there are some impressive Twilight cakes out there! As you can see, many look like a book (How do they get that title font in icing? I can barely print in icing!) while others go with the chessboard theme,  with an apple, chess pieces or red ribbon on them. (Bad mother confession: I have yet to read any of these books. The girl raced through all four.)

So I wonder, does fondant taste any good? Some of these seem to use a lot of it. I don’t think I’ll tackle an entire fondant cake for my first cake. But I might pull off the ribbon.

I may try a mini practice cake… Have I mentioned I’ve never baked a cake? (Other than the Apple Cake, which was wonderful but wasn’t a birthday cake.)

Ever confident in my cake-baking ability, Harriet suggested we just get the cake at the supermarket. It may come to that!


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