Nobody Likes Fruitcake?

I’m a little late on this, but I have already admitted that I’ll be baking Christmas cookies for months in an effort to make up for not baking them ever before.

More than one person asked me if I baked a fruitcake this holiday season. In a word, no. The video above, which is absolutely wonderful, will explain why.

Besides, not only do you risk that nobody will eat your fruitcake, but there’s something in the way back of my mind that says in order to make fruitcake, you have to start soaking fruit in liquor months ahead of time. I didn’t start Learning to Bake early enough for that. And I don’t much like liquor-soaked fruit.

I have had fruitcake that I liked. If it doesn’t have those candied green and red things that don’t really look like fruit at all – I’m all for it! Next holiday season, I may make it my mission to make a likeable fruitcake. I think the secret may be to not call it a fruitcake. Maybe I’ll call it an nut-spice cake and not mention of the fruit.By the time the recipient realizes they’re eating fruitcake, it’ll be too late, they’ll already like it! (Yes, I’m on a flight of confidence.)

Anyway, watch the video. It’s worth it. Even if the holidays are long gone in your oven.


4 responses to “Nobody Likes Fruitcake?

  1. thesisterproject

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  2. There is a wonderful, decadent, delicious fruitcake called Black Cake that is a Caribbean tradition and requires months of (easy) prep: soaking dried foot, pounds of it, in dark rum and passover wine. The result is so unbelievably good, it converts even fruitcake skeptics. Really. Search the NYT site for a recipe they ran in 2007,read what the food blogger Anapestic has to say on the subject, and finally read the awesome Laurie Colwin (Home Cooking.) You’ll be a Black Cake savant. And your friends will thank you.

  3. Ok, that should have said “dried FRUIT”, not dried “foot.” Not remotely sure how I managed that slip up. Maybe too much rum last fall?

  4. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    Darn, I really thought I was going to get to soak my poor dry feet in booze for months. Oh well, this sounds good anyway! My sister emailed me after reading this to say our grandmother (who died when I was tiny) made great fruit cake with red wine.

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