Droste Dutch Process Cocoa

When I baked those delicious chocolate mint thumbprint cookies, I used Droste Dutch Process Cocoa, which is pretty interesting stuff to a novice baker. Dutch Process Cocoa, unlike regular unsweetened cocoa, has been treated with an alkali and is typically used in recipes that call for baking powder. It can’t be used interchangeably with unsweetened cocoa.

Droste comes in this very cool tin and inspired the term “The Droste Effect,” which involves recursive images, because of the nun pictured holding the identical package. You can also see the Droste Effect on Land O’ Lakes Butter (think Native American maiden holding box of butter.) Incidentally, I’ve started using a wonderful new-to-me brand of butter, which I’ll blog about soon. OK, the suspense is killing you – it’s Kate’s Homemade Butter. It’s made here in Maine, but I’ll bet you can get it, too. And it tastes really good. More later.


One response to “Droste Dutch Process Cocoa

  1. Can’t remember where, but I just read some national publication lauding Kate’s Butter as one of the best.

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