Peppermint Cookies

Now that I’ve caught the baking bug, I’m discovering that baking recipes turn up in the strangest places … on my new snow tires, (ok, not really), on my cleaning supplies…

I guess these Peppermint Cookies are supposed to be Christmas Cookies – first hint: they’re called Candy Cane Cookies. But I can’t stop baking Christmas Cookies. I have a lifetime of not baking Christmas Cookies to make up for. Anyway, the recipe was on the package of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Holiday Clean-Up Kit. I love these boxed sets of seasonal Mrs. Meyer’s products (I still miss the Spring Cleanup Honeysuckle products; that stuff smelled so good it almost made me like cleaning). But I digress.

These were easy and fun. The fun part – grinding up candy canes (wicked cheap now at CVS) in the food processor and then rolling the cookie dough balls in that. The dough also has a little bit of Peppermint Extract in it. As you may recall, we are fans of mint cookies. I would not say these rise to the level of the Chocolate Mint Thumprint Cookies, but they came together much more quickly and were easier. Not tea-with-the-queen fare, but definitely cookies you’d parcel out to your near and dear.

Should I bake these again — the recipe calls for 1 cup of finely ground candy cane, which I determined took 12 candy canes. But when I was done, I’d only used about a third of that. So I probably didn’t need that much.

Also, I refrigerated the dough for an hour, which made it possible to roll the dough into balls. But at first the balls wouldn’t pick up the candy cane crumbs. I discovered that if I cupped a dough ball in my hand for another minute it would warm up enough to become a little sticky/tacky, making the surface much more inviting to the candy cane dust. My technique got better as I went along.

The cookies are perfect on a cold January afternoon with a cup of  something warm – hot chocolate or mint tea –  and once you’re done you can clean the kitchen with Peppermint-scented cleaning products. Or curl up with a good book and a purring cat on your lap. Really, that’s up to you.


One response to “Peppermint Cookies

  1. I love peppermint! I can envision myself crunching down on one right now!

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