Lace Cookies

These light, airy, candy-like cookies represent a baking milestone for me.

Last night I had a meeting of a writer’s group I belong to called Toast and Boast. This particular meeting was held to remember our group’s founder, a dear friend who died recently. Members bring something to munch on and something to drink. I usually pick up something at the store. This time, I actually baked and fed the results to non-relatives.

The good news is the gathered guests dove into my plate of lace cookies. They were a hit! The recipe, once again, came from Baking Illustrated.

In all honesty, my original plan was to roll the lacy wafers around the handle of a wooden spoon and make lace “cigarettes.” (Not my name for them – all the cookbooks seem to call these tubular cookbooks cigarettes.) But after three tries led to broken tubes I opted to just leave ’em alone.

Anyone who has always been able to drop a platter of baked goods in front of a gathering of acquaintances won’t understand how gratifying this was. But trust me, it was a big step!

Meanwhile, today is my birthday. I toyed with the idea of baking myself a birthday cake. Then I decided “No, I think I’ll spend the day dealing with a flooded basement and buying a Sump Pump instead.” Besides, I’d rather go out to dinner. So, I’ll bribe Harriet to go willingly to her piano lesson after school by promising a birthday dinner for Mom at her favorite Flatbread Pizza on the Portland, Maine, waterfront. They have a great brownie sundae, which I think sounds like a perfect birthday dessert!


One response to “Lace Cookies

  1. Happy birthday! And many more! (Happy ones, that is)

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