Baking Supplies for Christmas!

Learning to Bake got a big boost this Christmas in the form of several handy baking supplies under the tree.

Harriet, age 11, gave me a beautiful sifter, a cake decorating kit and a dough scraper. She also gave me a wonderful cookbook, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. My ex (who I’m told got the idea from our daughter) gave me an extra bowl for my KitchenAid mixer. Santa gave me some pot holders and an elephant hook to hang one. Santa gave Harriet and me a cream whipper.  (Harriet will put whipped cream on just about anything.)

It looks like I’ll be learning to bake bread and cake very soon!


2 responses to “Baking Supplies for Christmas!

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  2. thesisterproject

    New sifter? Oh, what a wonderful child that daughter of yours is. The perfect gift, though do tell her not to put whipped cream on that. Anything but that.

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