Apple Cake

img_6760In a word: YUM

Sometimes you have to get back on the horse that threw you. So I quickly followed my Date Nut Bread Disaster with something I knew that I would at least like — Apple Cake. The recipe, once again is from Baking Illustrated, which in America’s Test Kitchen style, went through innumerable recipes and techniques until reaching the perfect combination of cake and apples.

The recipe uses a Bundt pan (I didn’t realize until the last minute that my pan was half the size of the one called for, but halving the recipe seemed to have worked. I will confess, I used more apples than called for.) and recommends tossing the Gala Apples in brown sugar and coating the pan in a mix of brown and white sugar. The cake batter was fluffy going in, and the cake was light and wonderful. It did not last long! As I said, Yum. This one was a real confidence-builder after the unfortunate Date Nut Bread incident.


3 responses to “Apple Cake

  1. And it’s pretty!

  2. That looks so good I can almost smell and taste it!

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