Pizza Dough, Revisited

img_6723_2_2Friday’s ice storm left me and just about all of southern Maine without power for most of the day. I was one of the lucky ones – the electricity was restored just as the sun was going down. I wasn’t in the mood for a major baking project, but I was in the mood for the heat from my oven. So I was delighted to remember that I’d moved  a ball of home-made pizza dough from freezer to fridge before the lights went out.

FauxcacciaMy daughter put an end to my original plan — pizza for dinner — by saying “I’m not really in the mood for pizza.” To this I responded, for the 100th time, “This isn’t a restaurant.” But, figuring I really wasn’t in the mood for pizza, either, I made some linguini with a tomato/black olive/garlic type sauce. And pizza dough was a hit. I rolled it thin, and put a ridiculous amount of work into making it round (just wanted to see if I could; I am Never Doing That Again), spread a little olive oil on it and then sprinkled it with kosher salt and dried rosemary. I think I’ll it Fauxcaccia.

The poodle-sicle up top isn’t Veronica or Bertie, it’s the replica that sits on my porch. I think he’s maintaining his dignity rather well, given the icicles and all.


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