Ice Storms and Cookie Baking

Ice Storms and Baking go together like… well, they just go together. don’t go together at all if the ice storm knocks out your power for most of the day. Sigh.

My 11-year-old went to bed with the biggest spoon she could find (a very large, old brass spoon) under her pillow after hearing a sixth grade superstition that this brings on a snow day. I hope it works. The storm started too late to start baking tonight, but I’m all for spending the day tomorrow making cookies. I have ingredients for several varieties, plus today I got some seasonal cookie cutters. (Nothing too interesting — tree, snowflake, snowman.) I bought the ingredients for date nut bread that looked good, then I nibbled on a date and wondered. “Do I like dates?” Anyway, we have the weekend, too, but it would be fun to bake tomorrow, so fingers crossed.
Meanwhile, I’ll point you to a pile of cookies that have had me hungry ever since I saw them. Over on her KnitThink blog, Amy baked Cashew Butter Cookies. These yummy cookies not only have cashews in them, they’ve got macadamia nuts and Heath bars. Swoon.


2 responses to “Ice Storms and Cookie Baking

  1. See, you’re inspiring me! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    It’s clearly a case of mutual inspiration. Of course, I baked muffins and date nut bread this morning. But the cookies are coming!

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