Cinnamon Rolls, v2

img_00421As I’ve mentioned, we are huge Cinnamon Roll fans in this house. So Cinnamon Rolls were my first Learning to Bake project, and I’ll be trying several Cinnamon Roll recipes out as my baking skills progress.
My latest attempt was the Quick Cinnamon Buns from Baking Illustrated. They were easy. They tasted really, really good. They were not the most beautiful Cinnamon Rolls I’ve ever seen. Let’s be honest – they were a little cramped, even though I baked them in a 9-inch cake pan as instructed. Actually, they were smushed. But, they were much easier and faster than the first version I tried, mostly because they didn’t use a yeast dough and were leavened with baking powder. (I’m talking like such a baker I’m impressing myself!) They were not as fast to make as the cookbook said they would be — 60 minutesin the book turned out to be just shy of two hours in my kitchen, but I’d blame that on me being a baking dork and also double-checking everything. (I tend to triple-check, actually, ever since the Chocolate Chip Cookie debacle.)

As I said, these Cinnamon Rolls, which were made with buttermilk and all purpose flour, were delicious. But I wouldn’t be putting them out for the Queen. Maybe I need a 12-inch cake pan. Or an 18-inch cake pan. Maybe I need to move faster.

Incidentally, this baking adventure happened close to two weeks ago. But I had iPhoto issues, and these rolls really needed to be seen to be believed, dontcha think?


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