Pizza Dough

I never have to buy pizza dough again!

That’s not to say I’ll never buy pizza again – that’s different. But if I’m in the mood to make pizza, I’ll be making the crust. Relying on Baking Illustrated, I made my pizza dough as suggested in a food processor. It’s a yeast dough that uses bread flour. It took two hours to double. It made enough for three pizza pies. I was only making two, so I have one ball of pizza dough in my freezer. I’ve only posted the dough as the finished pizzas — a goat cheese pizza and a pesto pizza — while our household faves and very tasty, were not photogenic.


4 responses to “Pizza Dough

  1. thesisterproject

    I have been making dough for perhaps 5 years now, using Nick Malgieri’s Neapolitan recipe from “How to Bake.” I make two pizza per batch (in a stand mixer) and bake both, then quarter and freeze most for lunches and suppers to come. My toppings: homemade pesto and tomato sauce, both from the garden then frozen, plus roasted garlic, mozzarella, oil, parmesan.

  2. thesisterproject

    And p.s., that comment was from Margaret…I realize I was logged into my site, not as myself. Oops. : )

  3. Hi Margaret – I never know which sister is commenting, so thanks for identifying yourself! Good idea on dividing up the crust. (I assume you do that to untopped crust.) I’m going to use that next time. Pizza is a really popular lunch and supper around here, and there’s not always time to wait for the dough to rise. Maybe if I was an organized person…

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