Sparkle Cookie Gel!

Christmas Cookie Season is almost upon us. I may bake a Christmas cookie or 12 this year – another first for me. I have for years torn out pictures of tastefully decorated cookies or, better yet, cookies that didn’t need decorating because the cookies are just so beautiful and require no adornment.

But. How could I resist these tubes of Sparkle Gel when I was perusing the aisles at JoAnn’s tonight? (Can I just add they have cake decorating kits that look like tackle boxes and are full of tips and bags and tools and things I’m SURE I’ll need some day when I know how to bake cakes. I think I exercised incredible self restraint not buying a toolkit full of cake decorating tools.)

These sparkling red and green gel frosting tubes do not have Martha Stewart’s name all over them. But they do have my daughter’s name all over them. Some day we’ll discuss girls and their love of everything that glitters. And once I find some black and pink cookie glitter, we’ll really be set. Speaking of pink – are you wondering what’s with the Vegas backdrop? That is destined to be my new tree skirt. Just for fun, this Christmas we’re going to have a pink and white tree. I even found some pink reindeer to park in front.

So, sugar cookies – here we come! You may be burnt around the edges, but you’ll be sparkling like a kid with a new bottle of Mary-Kate and Ashley body glitter.


4 responses to “Sparkle Cookie Gel!

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  2. So funny! I’m going to bake this year too, for the first time in many years. But neither I nor the teenage boys are into decorating, so we’re going for nontraditional, non-decorated cookies.

  3. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    Something tells me your cookies will be prettier than mine when all is said and done.

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