Chocolate Chip Cookies v2

Ah, much better. Amazing what a difference following the recipe makes! This was my second try at the thick, chewy chocolate chip cookies in Baking Illustrated, and this time I used the proper amount of flour. They look good, they smell good, they taste good and, as advertised, they are chewy – like those cookies you (OK, I) buy impulsively at the gourmet grocer from the jar next to the register.

Along with the flour, these cookies have plenty of butter, which was melted and cooled before I mixed it into the dark brown sugar. We’ve got 24 of these. I’m going to give a few away, but I’m guessing the rest won’t last long!


3 responses to “Chocolate Chip Cookies v2

  1. thesisterproject

    You had me at “chewy.”

  2. Elizabeth Edwardsen

    The cookies stayed chewy for 2.5 days, when “crunchy” might be a better description. (Or perhaps “stale” might be the word I’m looking for…) Anyway, two girls in the house with not very big appetites have to figure out what to do with all these baked goods. I’m eating as fast as I can…
    And, more to the point, these were chewy cookies and they remained chewy for a reasonable amount of time. I think the melted-then-cooled butter might have done it. And the right amount of flour, of course.

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