Volcano Cakes and Exploding Cakes

If you ever need to write 300 more words before you get to bed and should sit in your chair and focus on the task at hand …. do NOT Google Volcano Cake.

There are many Volcano Cake variations out there – but most involve dry ice, marshmallow Fluff and lots of food coloring and dinosaur toys. Some use purchased cakes, other use cake mixes, while still others are made from scratch. All take hours to assemble.

If you really need to procrastinate, enter “Volcano Cake” in the search box at youTube. I never heard of this cake before yesterday, but it’s the centerpiece of many birthday parties and even one wedding. I think if I ever suggested making this for Harriet’s next birthday, she’d accuse me of trying to sabotage her middle school social life while giving me that “you are clueless” look that she has perfected. I may offer to make a volcano cake just to strike panic in her little tween heart. ♥

Most Volcano Cake birthday boys are 4 or so. But here’s a video showing an exploding cake for a new 30-year-old. (Remember when you thought 30 was old? Ha!)  Just a note: there’s an F-word in the frosting. Something about this one cracked me up – the bomb shape  and the F-bomb in message, I guess. Plus, the baker did  great job with the cake, and the birthday boy was in on the joke.

Too many videos out there feature cakes exploding all over unsuspecting birthday boys. My advice to anyone whose friends or loved ones are practical jokers lacking common sense – if the women in the group start pulling their children away from the cake during the candle-lighting, hit the ground, or at least cover your eyes.


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