My No Bake Cakes

Blogging about the Volcano Cake birthday cakes reminded me of some of the birthday cakes I’ve baked made prepared over the years.

The Whoopie Pie cake above was a hit at Harriet’s ninth birthday party. I don’t think grownups like Whoopie Pies, but the kids at the rock-climbing party gobbled them up.

My daughter and I adore the refrigerator cake made with Nabisco Famous Wafers and whipped cream. I remember requesting this as a birthday cake as a kid. Harriet has already asked for this cake for her next birthday. Her 20-year-old cousin had this for her birthday cake over the summer. I’d say it’s genetic, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this cake.

Amy, the funny and creative woman behind Knit Think, posted today about Baking for “Lazy Ass Bums” because she’d made a pumpkin spice bundt cake with a mix and a can of pumpkin. (Do people actually use real pumpkins for such things? I suppose so!) Being a former non-baker, I’m impressed. My Lazy Ass Bum cakes have not involved even the effort Amy put in. (Stirring, opening the oven…) Plus I’ll bet her kitchen smelled good and she didn’t have flour in her hair when the cake was done.


One response to “My No Bake Cakes

  1. Well, it was an extraordinary amount of effort for me, I will confess.

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