Bake Ahead for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t too, too far away, and Harriet and I are already planning our menu. Not that we get very edgy on Thanksgiving: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes – the remaining vegetable is the only place where a little creativity might come into play.

But maybe not. We’ve never taken much time on Thanksgiving dessert. Mostly because (as I’ve mentioned) I don’t bake. But now I bake. I’m divorced. I have a new life. Some traditions, like turkey on Thanksgiving, are made to be carried on. Some, like thinking I’m not a baker? They are made to be broken.

Our traditional Thanksgiving dinner is time and oven-space consuming, even if it’s easy. But today, Florence Fabricant has a piece in the New York Times on baking and freezing ahead for Thanksgiving. (Pumpkin Pie, is out, but that’s OK, because the photo of the pumpkin chocolate layer cake had me salivating.)

And the Biscuits with Cranberry Butter are on my To Do List. So watch me break some Thanksgiving traditions in the kitchen – they’re worth busting.


One response to “Bake Ahead for Thanksgiving

  1. We predict you and Harriet will become the American version of our favorite French food blog

    Can’t want to taste those brownies!

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