Shopping for Baking Supplies

I had to go shopping before I could bake those delicious Brownies yesterday. And not just for the unsweetened chocolate. I needed a few supplies. And I will need a few more before this baking project is done.

While I would love to go hit the baking supply aisle at Williams-Sonoma or one of the fancy little cooking shops  (but not the one with the completely condescending workers – you know who you are) my immediate need and limited budget took me to the supermarket, where I got a new set of stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons.

I’ve had both these sets before, of course. But somewhere along the way, the 1-cup measuring cup became a dog food scoop. And the half-teaspoon became a fish medicine doser, while the tablespoon is in with the fish-based fertilizer.I think we’d all agree, it was time for new.

No one will mistake these for All-Clad. But they’re shiny, they’re new. They cost about $1.99. And they’ve never had dog food, fish medicine or fish fertilizer in them!

(P.S. I also bought those pretty pink M&Ms. Even when baking tremendously rich Brownies, a baker needs her chocolate.)


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