Bake Sales Threatened?

Great. One of the benefits of learning to bake was the thought that the mention of a school bake sale wouldn’t send me into an anxiety attack. Now the New York Times reports that some schools have banned bake sales because of nutrition rules. My daughter’s school has one bake sale a year (that I know of, anyway – they may just know better than to ask me to contribute to anything else!) and it’s not during the school day. I’m sure there will be plenty of other things to contribute to/bake for!

Here’s something I’ve noticed. When I lived in upstate New York, there was always a bake sale at the polls. Here in Maine, I’ve never seen  one. Makes me wonder if they’re not allowed. I’m not complaining, because Maine makes every other aspect of voting, from same day registering to early voting, much, much easier than New York state does.


2 responses to “Bake Sales Threatened?

  1. Hmmm…I’ve never seen that in decades of voting in MN. But here, it’s not a nutrition issue, but a food safety one–homemade treats are not allowed at schools, etc., so my guess is they’re not allowed at the polls either. Churches can do bake sales, but it seems like any other place has to have health dept. licensing.

  2. Hi Elizabeth:
    they did have a bake sale at Reiche where I vote. And when my daughter went there for 5th grade they LOVED it when people brought in baked goods. Guess it just depends on who’s making the decisions.

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